Country French Vintage Silver

  Vintage silver is one of my very favorite things. It gives a room a French feel, even if the silver isn't actually French. I have some French pieces, but many that are not actually French.   I know vintage silver isn't in vogue much any more, because it is considered … [Read More...]


Adding Color to a Neutral Area

Adding color to a neutral area in small doses can really make a difference. This is one of my favorite elements of our new home. I found the antique corbels at a nearby antique store, and the shelf is a reclaimed piece of very old salvaged wood.  I added a lovely Italian giclee on canvas to the … [Read More...]


Painting Fabric and a French Chair

This is a story about a chair and painting fabric. This chair has been through the ringer.  It started out in my daughter's room, then it was broken (we won't say by whom... hint she is a college student) put in the garage, then put it on top of my armoire, the readers hated it, (I … [Read More...]


The Scoop #133

Welcome back friends!! I enjoy this party so much!! Today is the day. My daughter started her first day of college today.  She is excited, and yet doesn't want to grow up. I'm getting lots of questions about what it was like when I was in college.  I remind her that 'in those days' Al Gore hadn't … [Read More...]


Behind the Blog

Come on in, and grab a seat.  I am joining some amazing friends on this fun tour. First let me introduce you to my blogging bestie Yvonne at Stone Gable, who invited me to this party. We have never met in person, but we cannot stop talking when we chat on the phone.  I grew up in Hershey, PA, … [Read More...]


French hanging Basket

This is another one of those, "I like it, but what the heck can you do with it?" baskets.  I call it a French hanging basket. I know you can put fake flowers in it, but I didn't want to do that.  At the old house, I added hats to the basket for a different twist. Yes oddly weird, and yet, I liked … [Read More...]


Settee from an Old Iron Crib

I have been wanting one of these iron cribs for a long time.   Oh no, I'm not pregnant!! That's silly.  My babies are grown now.  I wanted an iron crib to convert it into a settee.  (I thought that would be obvious. Doesn't everyone do that?) I'll be covering how I made the cushion in … [Read More...]


Working Around Decorating Obstacles

We all at some time have to work around decorating obstacles. There's the chair that your husband refuses to part with, the bedding your son is super attached to, or even a scruffy dog bed. But what if the thing you aren't so crazy about is the elephant in the room? For me it's the … [Read More...]


The Scoop #132

Happy Monday! Mine is off to a rocky start, but hey, it's a Monday.  My girls start school next week, wow. One is finishing her last year of high school, and the other begins college. so this is definitely a time of transitional for us.  I am really sad to see the summer over, but fall means cooler … [Read More...]


Hidden Electrical Outlets in Bath

    I've mentioned that my bathroom is hiding a secret.  The girls' bathroom also has the same 'secret.'  A lot of you have guessed the secret, but I'm going to show it to you today.     One of the things that I don't like is seeing electrical cords and … [Read More...]