Girl Bedroom Updates

  Here is an area rarely seen by the public. It is the habitat of one of my daughters. Usually the room is a tad (read that - A LOT) messy. Like in my other daughter's room SEEN HERE, I like to have a table by the window.  They can have a snack and look out the window. My daughter hangs out … [Read More...]


DIY Tips and Tricks Styling a Fireplace

Styling a fireplace seems like it should be easy, but often there are issues that make it more difficult. For example, many have their TV above the mantle. I do, but it is behind the doors. That means we don't have to look at the TV all of the time, but I am still limited because I must allow room … [Read More...]


5 Tips you need for Arranging Furniture

Sometimes decorating is  not about what you buy, but where it goes. Today I'm talking about arranging furniture. Take the clock for instance. I bought it for this spot in the living room, but with the two windows, I was barely noticed, especially in this big room with lots of other things going … [Read More...]


The Scoop 149

NOW LET'S PARTY!!! WELCOME TO THE SCOOP! We are Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court Our host this week is Yvonne @ StoneGable Hi fellow "Scoopers"! Hope you are in the Christmas … [Read More...]


No Cost Home Makeover

This is another no cost home makeover. It all started with this Aidan Gray ottoman.  It was on sale, and I fell in love with it.  I ended up using it in the guest apartment below. But then I had an idea, why not move it to the farm?   I didn't plan to use it at the farm, but knew … [Read More...]


Gorgeous Vintage Lamp WOW

This used to be my favorite room in the house, now it is my favorite room any where. This is my bedroom. My super cool addition is this vintage Italian lamp I found at the thrift store for about $100. The lamp was made in Italy. The paint appears to be original. The lampshade was pretty … [Read More...]


How to Decorate a Bathroom

  No matter the size of your bathroom, you can decorate it. Obviously the bigger it is, the more options available to you on the decorating front. I have room for a chair so I put one by the tub awhile back. Then we added the little vintage table so we had a place to set soaps and … [Read More...]


French Christmas Decor

  Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the season. This is my last Christmas blog tour this year. I have been saving several photos for today. I bought several of these awesome aqua bottle-brush trees that work well everywhere. And I love these oversized mercury … [Read More...]


The Scoop 148

Welcome back to The Scoop! The weekly party featuring the scoop on the best from around the web! We are Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court Our host this week is Debbie at Confessions of a … [Read More...]


8 Christmas Decorating Tips for the Busy Mom

True confessions. (I feel like I say this every year.) I am writing 8 Christmas Decorating tips for the busy mom (or non-mom) because I can't be the only one who doesn't have time to decorate for Christmas. For my easy Fall decor post, one reader complained that what I did was too simple. So I do … [Read More...]