Easter is here

I hope you are having a joy-filled Easter! On this special day I thought I would share a gorgeous work of art with you from my friend and artist Linda Shobe.   You have probably guessed the significance of the painting, but let me share with you what Linda said about it. This piece … [Read More...]


How to use a Broken Chair

Earlier this week, I showed you how to use a pediment as artwork that had broken off of an armoire, (see it here) and today I am continuing my theme of using broken furniture. Well when you put an antique chair in a teenager's room, you know you are playing with fire, right? I knew the risks, and … [Read More...]

da towel 3

More Downton Abbey Fun

I am loving all of these Downton Abbey products from my partner Heritage Lace! I just hope you are enjoying the Downton Abbey goodies, too. It was so much fun incorporating the Downton Abbey products into my decor. Today's fun items I'm showcasing are the towels with Violet's sayings. Oh these … [Read More...]


Using Broken Furniture in Design

Have you ever seen a pediment broken off of the furniture it used to be attached to, and wondered what to do with it?  I see them often at auction or at antique stores. They are usually well-priced because people don't know what to do with them. There are actually many things you can do with … [Read More...]


The Scoop #114

Welcome back to The Scoop #114 So glad you joined this week.  Summer is fast approaching, and I don't feel like I've gotten to fully enjoy spring yet.  Just a heads up on current projects, I'm making a linen cover for a new settee. The settee used to be an iron baby crib. I've been wanting one of … [Read More...]


4 Super Cool Vintage Things to Add to Your Decor

I love vintage touches, and really think they are the secret ingredient in an interesting, warm, inviting home. They add so much to the room, and aren't difficult to find, if you know where to look. Here are 4 of my favorite vintage things to add to a room. 1. Vintage Trophies  Source: Mine … [Read More...]


Making an Antique Towel Holder

My motto is "don't complicate things."  Simple, and easy make me happy. I know that's why you like me. I don't have complicated ideas that require advanced skills. I like things that are easy to understand, and simple to complete.  I never liked making airplane models like my brother did. There were … [Read More...]


French lighting for the bath

I know I have shown my powder room before, here and here, but I never had a good photo of the French lighting in here to show you, until today.   Today's lesson is to think outside of the box.  I wanted glorious, elegant French lighting above this vanity, but all I found was the same … [Read More...]


Dishes for the Gray Areas

I love dishes. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Dishes are great for everyday use, for parties, and I use them sitting around my home just for fun all of the time.  I love these fun, beautiful gray dishes. Gray is such a great color to work with. It works with most any color … [Read More...]


The Scoop #113

Now that it has FINALLY warmed up here, it's beginning to feel like spring.  I really want to be outside, so I'm thinking of moving my office right out the door onto the front porch. I sure hope it's nice where you are. I just took portraits of my daughter this weekend, since she is graduating in … [Read More...]