A Table in the Closet? Why not!

Yes I've just put a table in the closet.  I know it sounds... wrong.  But this is a big closet and there's no place to put a suitcase when you are packing, or to fold clothes, well you get the point. So I got a desk for in here.  I'll show you the photo of the room with the little table that … [Read More...]

daybed from box sprind and crib1

The Scoop #129

Hello and welcome back!!   Yesterday I talked about 8 Tips to on how to use French Fabrics in your  home. I love using French fabrics, but also there are a lot of fabrics you can use that aren't French that look French.   I am doing a lot of projects this week, painting, … [Read More...]


French Fabrics 8 Tips

Today's French event is about French fabrics.     So how can you give your home a French accent using fabric? TIP 1: The fabric doesn't actually have to be from France to look French.   It just needs to evoke a French feeling. Not many of my fabrics are … [Read More...]


7 Ways to Add Summer Style

I am really excited to have Jennifer from Town and Country Living sharing ways to add summer style to your home.  I love her style and asked her to share some of her wonderful ideas with us today.  Lots of great ideas here and you get to see her beautiful home!     Hi Everyone! I'm … [Read More...]


Artwork that won’t Break the Bank

Recently I showed you this gorgeous artwork in my home, CLICK HERE. Some of you asked about where you could buy it. I've been working with the artist to see if I could offer it to you here, and now I can! Here is the information if you would like to purchase one for yourself. I love buying … [Read More...]


Blue Rug for the Dining Room

Do rooms in your home evolve over time? Mine too. Of course being a design blogger, means I am changing something every week.  (Oddly enough, that works for me.)  So here is another update on the dining room. I've added a new blue rug.  I've also ordered a new table, but it isn't here yet, but … [Read More...]


The Scoop #128

Happy Monday. I finally got my copy of an Italian magazine that featured a story on our farm. It was an ordeal having the magazine shipped to me from Italy, but it did arrive a month later. It's a bit mangled, but.. whatcha gonna do? It's the magazine Casa da sogno.   I also wanted to … [Read More...]


Antique French Clocks and Buying Old Things

I love French clocks.  So I found this antique clock in Round Top, but it didn't have any of the insides in it, meaning it is no longer functional. Did that keep me from buying it?  Of course not.  I just like it 'cause it's pretty any way. My rules for buying old stuff:   1. It's … [Read More...]


On the Back Porch with Home is Where the Boat is

Even if you aren't a water person, I think you are going to love Mary and her style.  I have been oggling her lake views and lovely photography for awhile. Come on, let's hear what she has to say. Hi Cedar Hill Farmhouse readers! I’m Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is and I'm thrilled to be … [Read More...]


Adding a Ruffle

  Yes I thought I was done with these slipcovers, but apparently I wasn't. Can you see how the sofa didn't have a ruffle on it like the settees?   Well, when I made the slipcovers we lived in the other house.  The back of the sofa faced a wall, and you really didn't notice … [Read More...]