Settee from an Old Iron Crib

I have been wanting one of these iron cribs for a long time.   Oh no, I'm not pregnant!! That's silly.  My babies are grown now.  I wanted an iron crib to convert it into a settee.  (I thought that would be obvious. Doesn't everyone do that?) I'll be covering how I made the cushion in … [Read More...]


Working Around Decorating Obstacles

We all at some time have to work around decorating obstacles. There's the chair that your husband refuses to part with, the bedding your son is super attached to, or even a scruffy dog bed. But what if the thing you aren't so crazy about is the elephant in the room? For me it's the … [Read More...]


The Scoop #132

Happy Monday! Mine is off to a rocky start, but hey, it's a Monday.  My girls start school next week, wow. One is finishing her last year of high school, and the other begins college. so this is definitely a time of transitional for us.  I am really sad to see the summer over, but fall means cooler … [Read More...]


Hidden Electrical Outlets in Bath

    I've mentioned that my bathroom is hiding a secret.  The girls' bathroom also has the same 'secret.'  A lot of you have guessed the secret, but I'm going to show it to you today.     One of the things that I don't like is seeing electrical cords and … [Read More...]

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Fun with Vintage Paris Maps_thumb[15]

Vintage Paris Map Candles

I can't tell you how happy I am to have Debbie here to show up how to make these map-wrapped candles. I just love these.  Okay, here she is!!     Hi everyone! I am Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict and I am excited that Anita has asked me to share one of my favorite … [Read More...]


Using a Cloche

So what exactly do you put in a cloche?  I know people that are very creative with them, but I was left scratching my head, often than not, trying to figure out what to put in mine. The trick is to find something small enough that will fit in it, that is tall enough to be seen.  I went through my … [Read More...]

window artwork

The Scoop #131

When I first hit the publish button back in March 2011, I had no idea how my life would change, but boy has it. My life is different, not because I'm making hoards of money (I'm not) and not because strangers on the street recognize me (they don't) but because of the the wonderful people I have met, … [Read More...]


My Paris Apartment

I don't get out much. I'm on the computer, with clients, or behind a camera most of the day. To celebrate my daughter's graduation and a big anniversary, I decided to leave my little cocoon. I left my city, my state, my country, and more importantly the ground for a trip to Paris. This was my Paris … [Read More...]


Bloggers Don’t Make Their Beds

The secret is out. Shhhhh.....   We don't actually make our beds, at least not every day.  Now if you are a blogger who makes her own bed every day, firstly I salute you.  You are a dedicated soul, and I respect that. Secondly move along; this post isn't for you. It's for the … [Read More...]


A French Chest for the Girls’ Room

Once upon a time my house was red, very red, and the girls room at the farm was also red.  There were red dresses on the wall,   There was a red rug,     and a red chest.     Then one day I woke up and decided I didn't like the red any … [Read More...]